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PARMESHWARI Hand-painted Tussar Silk Saree Blouse Set

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Introducing our exquisite red tussar silk saree blouse set, adorned with a breathtaking depiction of Parmeshwari, also revered as Parameśvarī or Parvati, the cherished Hindu goddess and divine consort of Lord Shiva.

Elegantly hand-painted on the fabric of this saree blouse set is the embodiment of divine femininity, exuding an aura of grace and strength. The intricate design captures the essence of her devotion and power, showcasing her as the nurturing mother and the fierce warrior goddess.

With delicate artwork in highlighted red and multicolour, we've meticulously painted the image of Parmeshwari, surrounded by flowers in her glorious temple that reflect her cosmic significance. Her divine presence resonates through every fold of the saree, invoking a sense of awe and reverence.

This exquisite half-sleeve blouse features a captivating artwork of Devi Paramsundari on the back, adorned with delicate Diya and fish motifs on the sleeves. The sleeve openings showcase stunning Madhubani borders that perfectly complement the saree's design. Additionally, the blouse boasts a round neck embellished with a unique bharni floral border, making it a truly distinctive and beautiful piece.

Fabric- Handloom Tussar silk

Made on order, Shipped in 40-45 days

Saree Length- 5.5 m, width-44inch