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NEEL RAMAYAN Half Work Hand-painted Madhubani Tussar Silk Saree Blouse Set

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Ramayana, the revered epic, is a story of courage, valour, loss, pain, and, of course, love, Ramayana introduces us to most poignant love stories of all time !

This saree has beautiful description of RAMAYANA
It is mentioned in Ramayana that Goddess Sita had found her desired groom in the form of Shri Ram by worshiping Maa Gauri in Watika. Mother Janaki recited praise to please Goddess Parvati.Lord Shiva and his spouse Parvati are two of the main deities worshipped in Hinduism. Gauri pooja is done to get the blessings of Lord Shiva and Parvati. The gauri pooja also played a major role in the wedding of Sita.

Interestingly, the meeting between the two was facilitated by the legendary Shiv Dhanush. This Dhanush is considered to be the heaviest bow in the history of mankind.The Shiv Dhanush has many tales attached to it. It is believed that Lord Shiva gifted this Shiv Dhanush to Janak’s ancestor Devaratha. Interestingly, as a child, legend has it that Sita lifted the bow, which couldn’t be lifted by even the mightiest of men.
It also shows part of ravana in Ramayana !

This half saree has artwork all over half of the saree. Main highlight of this saree is blue colour RAMAYANA design which makes it outstanding. 

Back of the blouse has artwork of Ram Sita with am matching border painted on the sleeves and neck of the blouse.

Fabric- Handloom Tusaar silk

Made on order, Shipped in 60-65 days

Saree Length- 5.5 m, width-44inch