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MATSYANGANA Hand-painted Bandhini Madhubani Tussar Silk Saree Blouse Set

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We are often fascinated by the underwater life. On a mere glance of the vastness of ocean we feel transported into a deeper state within us. We are drawn to the existence of creatures living in the underwater world.

Kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya, the six classifications in vedic philosophy or ‘arishadvarga’ are visualised through ‘Matsyaangna’ which means ‘mermaid’.

The spineless, floaty movement of fish in an ocean inspired us to make this beautiful artwork.

This saree is a whirlwind of the emotions and many layers of beauty that the ocean holds in calmness just like the layer of emotions we hold in our hearts.
This wearable art will take you to a journey of underwater life, beyond the living reality.

Matsyangana saree is paired with a very gorgeous  blouse with artwork matching to the saree.

Fabric- Handloom Tussar silk

Made on order, Shipped in 70-90 days

Saree Length- 5.5 m, width-44inch