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Madhubani Hariyali Bageecha Bandhej Hand Painted Saree

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This saree is a unificatolion of hand painted Madhubani art, & Bandhani, a technique which itself dates back to 4000 BC.

The evidence of Bandhani roots point to as early as the Indus Valley Civilization, whereas Madhubani/ Mithila art has been found in accounts of lord Rama & Sita Mama's Swayamvar!

Bandhani is a highly skilled process. The technique involves dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points, thus producing a variety of traditional patterns like Chandrakala, Bhavan Baug, & Shikari. Dyeing is done by hand, & natural colors are used mainly.

This saree has been decorated with our signature borders, & aanchal has depiction of Madhubani matsya & mayuri

Perfect intermingling of two of India's finest art technique makes the senses commingle 

Saree length - 5.5 meters

Blouse fabric - 1 meters