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'KEVAT PREM' Handpainted Madhubani Tussar Silk Saree

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We have got a very unique story from the Ramayana on this beautiful pink shade of tussar silk.

Let me tell you the story of KEVAT which is depicted on the aanchal of this saree.
Once lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman were passing a jungle during Vanvash and came across river Ganga. They found a boatman named KEVAT on the river bank. Lord ram requested him to sail them on the other side of river Ganga.
Kevat requested Lord Ram to let him wash lords golden feet with water from holy Ganga as he had heard from someone that dust of lords feet turned stones into women and that his boat would take many forms of women and he wouldn't be able to take care of such a big family.
Lord ram was touched by his innocence .
After reaching on the shore of Ganga river. Sita mata gifted him her beautiful ring as a gift. He refused to accept it. He explained he didn't accepted gifts from people of same profession.
Lord Ram was amazed he asked him how come we are from the same profession. To which KEVAT answered "I help people cross the river from one shore to another. While you my dear Lord carry we humans from materialistic world to spiritual world." Lord Ram was touched by his love and blessed him from the bottom of his heart.

Fabric- Handloom Tussar Silk, Fabric is completely handwoven it may have varied texture, a hallmark of handwoven fabric

Saree length- 5.5 meter, Width-44 inches, 

Blouse -90cm-1 m, minimal artwork will be painted on the sleeves and back matching to the saree.


Made on order, no return or exchange. Shipped in a 35-40 days

Dry cleaning Only, Ironing on the back side of product.