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KANYADAAN Hand-painted Madhubani Bishnupuri Silk Saree

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Vivah- also known as a wedding in english. Though the significance of marriage is the same in all the religions that is the union of two souls which is celebrated in the presence of family, friends and well wishers but the rituals that are followed in a marriage are different in every culture in all the parts of the world.

On this specific saree we have incorporated the artwork of rituals of a wedding which is specific to our mithila culture, especially the one we follow in our traditional mithila brahmin wedding.

With time the traditional rituals have been modified into more modern and appealing rituals due to lack of knowledge and information that needs to be passed on to generations to come. Our take on this saree is with the same motive that we are able to pass our beautiful traditions and rituals to all of you. Because it's just beautiful, simple and unique in every sense

This saree will come with a running blouse piece with minimal artwork on sleeves and back. Blouse length- 90 to 100cm, width-44inch 

Fabric- Handloom Bishnupuri Silk

Made on order, Shipped in 60-70 days

Saree Length- 5.5 m, width-44inch