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Handpainted 'Sita Maa Swayamvara' Madhubani Blouse

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Today, we tell You the story of the oldest Mithila Painting known to us in modern times.

In the historical epic Ramayana, King Janak arranged a Swayamvara for His Daughter Sita, proclaiming that Sita will be wed to the man who can lift & string the Bow of Lord Shiva.

In Her childhood, while playing with Her friends, Sita unknowingly lifted the table on which the Shiva Dhanush was kept.

Seeing this, Her Father realized that Sita was none other than The Divine Mother, & decided then & there that one who can lift & string The Shiva Dhanush will marry Sita.

Out of all the Princes & Kings of various kingdoms, only Lord Ram could pick up the Shiva Dhanush, because it was none other than The Lord Himself tying the string on his own bow.

Sita Maa immediately recognised Her Lord had come. And as in every story throughout history, Maa Parashakti reunited with Param in the form of Sita-Rama!

Interestingly, the oldest Mithila/Madhubani painting known to us in modern times, are the ones which were made by King Janaka's artisans to capture the Swayamvara of His Daughter Sita & Lord Rama!

We have portrayed the story in a beautiful way on Silk. Let's celebrate in a glorious manner, giving value to The Very Artform that was at the core of hearts during the Times of Ramayana.

Fabric- Handloom Tussar Silk, Fabric is completely handwoven it may have varied texture, a hallmark of handwoven fabric

Dispatched in a maximum of 20-25 business days

Made on order, no return or exchange.

Dry cleaning Only, Ironing on the back side of product.