Lotus Mandara Hand-painted Madhubani Dress

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This pretty dress has my heart. Very chic and comfortable.

On the front we have painted Lotus in orange and black color depicting the harmony of nature. On the back we have a beautiful story of Surmai ( we call our fish artwork by the name of Surmai ). Surmai & Her Friends transformed into The Majestic Ones. Dancing, & singing with joy, they were immersed in ecstasy, only aware of their divinity. Wherever they went, all the sea creatures became ecstatic when they came into contact with the aura of The Majestic Ones. As they started spreading this divine bliss amongst the other Sea creatures, news soon reached the ears of the fish left over in the Freshwater river, & The Lotus Family. Discarding their natural habitat they grew all over the ocean & encircled Surmai & The Majestic Ones!

You too, break free from Your mundane surroundings, & jump into The World of Gubbaro  by wearing something out of the box, something narrating stories to Your heart! Hand-painted With Love! 

Fabric- Handloom cotton, Fabric is completely handwoven it may have varied texture, a hallmark of handwoven fabric

Dispatched in a maximum of 20-25 business days

Made on order, no return or exchange.

Dry cleaning Only, Ironing on the back side of product.