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'Mithila Baag' Handpainted Madhubani cotton Kurta

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Authentic Handpainted Madhubani Kurta in Handloom Cotton fabric. Gardens are the lungs of our neighborhood in metropolitan cities. Seeing a row of roses, hearing birds chirping, perching in the trees with their outpour of sublime melodies, makes one's heart melt. Come, visit the Baags of Mithila in serene environments encompassed by greenery! This loose fitting Kurta dress is a mark of sophistication derived from simplicity. The 'Baags of Mithila' are hand painted on the princess panel, sleeves, back, & neck of the Kurta. Handloom cotton fabric is comfortable all year round, essentially keeping one cool throughout the summers, & cozy in the winters. NOTE: Model is wearing size S (bust 36). The hand painted product proudly reflects traditional Indian Madhubani art, made exclusively on order by an authentic team of nationally renowned artists, no returns.