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'GOLOKA' Handpainted Madhubani Bishnupuri Silk Blouse

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Gokul or Goloka is the eternal supreme abode of Radha Krishna. It is the realm of cows, an abode where gopis live, alongside the cowherd Krishna & his consort Radharani. All eternal planets are situated in Vaikuntha, as the petals of a flower, whereas Goloka Vrindavan is the center of all the Vaikunthas where Radha Krishna reside eternally.

The real essence of Goloka is the one who has realised supreme consciousness.

The soft touch & feel of Vishnupuri silk make it the perfect fabric for ethnic wear blouses. Stitched perfectly, the blouse has a classy silhouette, & does perfect justice to our Bhagwat Puran inspired portrayal of Goloka Vrindavan.

Dispatched in a maximum of 20-25 business days

Made on order, no return or exchange.

Dry cleaning Only, Ironing on the back side of product.