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GAURI PUJA Hand-painted Madhubani Bandhini Tussar Silk Blouse

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This blouse has a depiction of sindoordan, an offering of gratitude to the goddess Gauri (Parvati) in kohbar ghar (bridegroom room where all the puja takes place after marriage) during the four-day Hindu marriage ceremony in the Mithila region of Bihar. It takes place after the Sanskritic rites of
saptapadi (saat phere), sindoordan and kanya dan, which are traditional rituals in our culture.
In Bihar, they typically occured in the courtyard, also known as angnaa, natural elements used to be the centre of decoration which felt very raw and authentic at times. Those smell of beautiful flowers on marwa which is basically situated at the center of aangan, it has banana tree decoration on every corner acting as a pillar.
This blouse will take you back to your wedding days if you from that part of time. 

On the back of blouse we have sindoordan design painted on it, this half sleeves blouse has a round neck with artwork painted on the borders of sleeves and neck.

Fabric- Handloom Tussar silk

Made on order, Shipped in 20-25 days