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Asha Jha is an award-winning internationally recognized Indian artist. She is an imaginative and realistic painter. Most of her artwork is based on Hindu mythology. Her paintings bring the vibes of livelihoods of the village and their day to day lives. She is based in Bihar, Darbhanga

She has evolved a unique style of Madhubani painting, and one of the first to paint Madhubani vastly on sarees and dupattas. Her brush stroke speaks of many things: figurative movements, the life in jungles, imaginative lives of god, mythological depiction of god, festive seasons, Hindu ceremonies and the many moods of women.

Asha Jha has received a National Award in 2014 by the honorable president of India Dr. Pranab Mukherjee. She has received State Award by the hon. chief mister of Bihar Nitish Kumar.

She is working with 100-150 ladies from villages of Bihar and continuously supporting her financially. She has participated in the exhibition in India and abroad.

She keeps herself involved in workshops to teach more and more women this art form so they can be independent and they have the means to earn a living.

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